While it’s true, health and wellness start inside the home, it’s important for families that their homes reside inside a healthy community.

Experience Better Living in a Healthy Community

An exciting trend in real estate is the demand for living in a healthy community. Healthy communities offer access to amenities and resources that allow residents to make healthy lifestyle choices. An improved take on the traditional planned community, the healthy version enables residents to live inside of an infrastructure that fosters optimal well-being, health, and ample socializing opportunities with their neighbors without having to leave the bounds of their surrounding area.


Who will live in Selah Vista?

Selah Vista residents are likeminded people looking for a place to live that promotes healthy and comfortable living and community connections. Residents are intergenerational, because a true community should be as welcoming to a 73‐year‐old as it is to a 3‐year‐old.


Why people choose Selah Vista?

Are you looking for a place to live that offers a better lifestyle for less money? Are you looking to escape your hectic big city life? Are you looking for a second home to relax and “recharge”? Are you longing to be in a vibrant active community close to all that Central Washington has to offer? Would you like to have strong family and social relationships in your neighborhood? Do you want to live in a safe neighborhood?

The Selah Vista difference.

Selah Vista has more than 2 acres of community spaces for residents that include the centrally located Selah Vista Commons; consisting of nature trails, natural playground, butterfly garden and yoga pavilion which promote an active lifestyle.

Selah Vista offers an environment that encourages residents to gather and build strong social ties which creates a tight knit community and a safe neighborhood.

Selah Vista is in an area of Central Washington that offers a myriad of outdoor activities including hiking, walking, fishing, cycling and wine tasting.

Selah’s climate typically offers lots of sunshine and very little precipitation.

Selah’s cost of living is significantly less than most Seattle area cities.