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Resource Efficient Homes Save You Money

Selah Vista homes are resource efficient…this means that the home provides the same living benefits but uses fewer natural resources such as energy and water than most other homes. You can live in a home that uses much less energy to heat and cool it and water to live comfortably. By lowering your home’s operating expenses your family has more disposable income to live on.

Selah Vista Homes are designed and built to minimize your utility bills so that you can spend more money on the things that matter.


Our homes are designed to be “net-zero” users of energy…this means that they use a lot less energy to operate compared with most other homes and they generate their own energy needs so you don’t have to pay someone else for it. Our homes meet the standards of the U.S. Department of Energy’s “ZERO Energy Ready Home” program. Third party professionals inspect, verify and certify that these standards have been achieved.

Our homes use much less energy than most other homes because they are well insulated and sealed against air leaks. Most homes have hidden cracks, particularly in attics and crawlspaces that can permit as much airflow as an open window. They cause heating and cooling systems to work harder and increase utility bills. Our homes combine air sealing, added insulation through double wall construction, conditioned attic space and triple pane windows and doors to minimize energy needs for heating and cooling.

Energy Efficient

Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling systems can be responsible for as much as half the energy consumed in you home. We install the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems available.

Passive Solar

Design: Our homes use “passive solar design” so that the home structure itself can increase energy efficiency. When sunlight strikes a building, the building materials can reflect, transmit, or absorb the solar radiation. In addition, the heat produced by the sun causes air movement that can be predictable in designed spaces. These basic responses to solar heat lead to design elements, material choices and placements that can provide heating and cooling effects in a home.

Our homes generate their own energy needs from a renewable source, the sun! Your home’s solar power system converts the sun’s light energy into electricity to power all the home systems and devices. Its estimated that the system can pay for itself in about 7 years then thereafter provide your home with electricity for decades to come. The home is connected to the Pacific Power grid essentially using it as a low-cost storage system. When your home generates more power than it uses Pacific Power gives you a credit to draw from during the times where the home consumes more than it generates.

Solar Power


Electricity powers all the home’s devices and systems. Electricity is a clean and renewable form of energy since its generated by the home’s solar power system. The home’s lights (LEDs), appliances (Energy Star Certified), hot water heater and HVAC systems were chosen for their quality and energy efficiency.


Water is not only becoming a scarce resource the cost for the homeowner is projected to rise significantly in the future. We install water efficient plumbing fixtures to minimize the effect of rising water costs in the future.

ZERO Energy Ready Homes save you money and increase your home’s value in the future.


U.S. Department of Energy Announces Winners of Prestigious 2020 Housing Innovation Awards.

Since 2013, the DOE Housing Innovation, Awards have honored the very best in innovation on the path to zero energy ready homes by recognizing forward-thinking builders who are delivering American homebuyers with a better homeowner experience. Explore these award-winning homes on the Tour of Zero.

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