You want to take good care of your family… You try to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, go to the doctor for regular checkups and do your best to protect them from accidents and illness. You want to live in a safe neighborhood and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Good health starts at home.

Your home should promote safe and sanitary living as a means for preventing disease and injury, not make you sick.

We build homes that make our clients happier, healthier, and more comfortable at lower ownership cost each month.


Is the air in your home clean? Its estimated that most people spend over 90% of their time indoors so breathing clean air is essential for good health. Our homes are built with high quality products that are made from natural materials to prevent air contamination from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There are not any appliances that contaminate the air with combustible gases. Innovative home systems provide whole house ventilation (energy recovery ventilator (ERV)) to control the flow of air entering and leaving the home and provide the home with a continuous supply of fresh-filtered air. Our homes meet the high quality standards for the EPA Indoor airPLUS certification.

Does the water in your home taste good and is it safe to drink? Clean water is essential for good health so our homes use a “whole house” water softener and filtration system to provide clean water throughout the home.



Our homes are designed and built to create a quiet and comfortable place to live. Passive solar design increases natural sunlight entering the home and helps maintain a consistent air temperature in indoor and outdoor living spaces for greater comfort. Double wall construction filled with insulation combined with triple pane windows and doors create a very quiet and comfortable place to live. Highly insulated floors and noise reduction insulation around bedrooms and mechanical rooms provide added comfort.


Does cleaning your home require using products with chemicals in them that can make you sick?  Our homes have durable and easy to clean surfaces including countertops, cooktops, walls and floors.  Using toxic cleaning products are not necessary to keep your home clean.

Is your neighborhood safe and does it promote a healthy lifestyle? Selah Vista is a “walkable” neighborhood which contributes to the health and safety of the residents while they’re outdoors. Physical activity is widely recommended by the medical community for living a long and high‐quality life. Strong family and social ties have also been linked to long and healthy lives. Homes are located around a central multiuse public space called Selah Vista Commons which offers a place to walk, exercise, relax and socialize with neighbors.



EPA airPlus Leader

Leading Force is honored to be awarded as an EPA airPlus Leader in 2020.

"Leading Force Contracting Services has made homeowner education a key pillar of their business, ensuring their clients know the quality of the features of their Indoor airPLUS qualified homes. EPA would like to congratulate Leading Force Contracting Services on their first Indoor airPLUS Leader Award and is excited to grow this partnership."

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